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eDoc Deposit


eDoc Deposit Limited offer software developers the ability to store and distribute documents on behalf of users or their applications via a simple and easy to use web service.

With eDoc Deposit companies of any size and in any sector can easily deliver documents to their intended recipients. Employers can deliver payslips and P60s to their employees, suppliers can deliver invoices and statements to their customers, in fact anyone can deliver any document to any recipient. The documents are delivered quickly and in a totally secure and safe manner. eDoc Deposit Limited offer web services which make integration, with a wide range of software applications, an easy task.

eDoc Deposit benefits include:

  • No more expensive postage.
  • No more maintaining of email addresses.
  • No more costly administration of re-prints.
  • No more printing.
  • No more need for expensive stationery.
  • No more document handling full stop.
If you have an application which would benefit from integration with eDoc Deposit or if you use an application and have a need to send documents electronically, contact us at








 An animation is now available to help you sell the eDoc Deposit concept.

Watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

eDoc Deposit Limited have produced a three minute animation to help explain the concept of the eDoc Deposit web service. The animation will help your sales team to get the eDoc message across. It shows clearly how the service is used, both from an employers point of view and from an employees point of view, as well as the very substantial cost savings that can be easily achieved.

There is a zipped version available from this web site. You will need to be able to unzip the file and then you will have an mp4 file. You will then need an mp4 player to play the animation. Just turn your speakers on or put on your headphones and enjoy.

Watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Download from here.


Thermal Engeering are set to use eDoc Deposit to deliver their payroll documents.

Thermal Engineering, one of the worlds leading aerospace components manufacturers, are set to use eDoc Deposit  to deliver payslips and all other payroll related documentation to their large, highly skilled workforce. 



Millbrook Industries Limited choose eDoc Deposit for their payroll documents.

Millbrook Industries Limited have begun using eDoc Deposit to store and distribute payslip and other payroll related documents on behalf of their employees.