Mobile Apps.

eDoc Deposit now offers users the ability to get their documents on the run. After the very successful launch of the Android version we now have a version released for Apple devices and the beta version of the Windows app  is being tested as of now, 22nd March 2015.

The app is incredibly easy to use and, like most mobile apps, installation is a simple process. Just visit the Android Play Store, for Android devices, and the Apple App Store, for Apple devices, search for "eDoc". Click on the app. with the three intertwined gold rings and follow the simple instructions.

Or just follow the links below on your device:

For and Android device go to : Requires Android 2.2 or later.

For an Apple device go to : Require iOS 7.0 or later.

For Windows devices go to : Requires Windows phone 8.1 or higher.

The app has been very well received so far. Users love the ability to view their documents from whenever they are.

eDoc Deposit


eDoc Deposit Limited offer software developers the ability to store and distribute documents on behalf of users or their applications via a simple and easy to use web service.

With eDoc Deposit companies of any size and in any sector can easily deliver documents to their intended recipients. Employers can deliver payslips and P60s to their employees, suppliers can deliver invoices and statements to their customers, in fact anyone can deliver any document to any recipient. The documents are delivered quickly and in a totally secure and safe manner. eDoc Deposit Limited offer web services which make integration, with a wide range of software applications, an easy task.

eDoc Deposit benefits include:

  • No more expensive postage.
  • No more maintaining of email addresses.
  • No more costly administration of re-prints.
  • No more printing.
  • No more need for expensive stationery.
  • No more document handling full stop.
If you have an application which would benefit from integration with eDoc Deposit or if you use an application and have a need to send documents electronically, contact us at








An animation is now available to help you sell the eDoc Deposit concept.

Watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

eDoc Deposit Limited have produced a three minute animation to help explain the concept of the eDoc Deposit web service. The animation will help your sales team to get the eDoc message across. It shows clearly how the service is used, both from an employers point of view and from an employees point of view, as well as the very substantial cost savings that can be easily achieved.

There is a zipped version available from this web site. You will need to be able to unzip the file and then you will have an mp4 file. You will then need an mp4 player to play the animation. Just turn your speakers on or put on your headphones and enjoy.

Watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Download from here.


Thermal Engeering are set to use eDoc Deposit to deliver their payroll documents.

Thermal Engineering, one of the worlds leading aerospace components manufacturers, are set to use eDoc Deposit  to deliver payslips and all other payroll related documentation to their large, highly skilled workforce. 



Millbrook Industries Limited choose eDoc Deposit for their payroll documents.

Millbrook Industries Limited have begun using eDoc Deposit to store and distribute payslip and other payroll related documents on behalf of their employees.



Healthpay On To A Winner With eDoc Deposit.

Healthpay Partner John Clegg believes eDoc Deposit is "A winner all round".

Healthpay are a payroll agency dealing with small businesses, all under 100 employees and most under 50. [Read on]...

 Relay Software Announce Partnership with eDoc Deposit.


eDoc Deposit and Relay Software are Delighted to announce their new partnership.

Relay Software is Ireland's largest insurance intermediary software provider. [Read on]


eDoc Deposit Wow Payroll Users at Miracle Dynamic's Customer Conference.

eDoc Deposit provided one of the most interesting and best attended breakout sessions at Miracle Dynamics recent customer conference.
Users of Miracle Dynamics payroll product, Miraclepay, showed great interest in the eDoc Deposit functionality of Miraclepay and in eDoc Deposit in general. [Read on]..

McDonalds Restaurant are eDoc Enabled.


McDonalds Restaurant can now deliver payslips via eDoc Deposit web service.

McDonald's Restaurant have agreed to use eDoc Deposit to deliver and store payslips, p60's and other payroll related documents to their large and growing workforce. Delivering payslips via eDoc Deposit's innovative web service will save McDonald's a considerable amount of time and money due to the reduced handling costs associated with traditional paper based methods.

McDonald's Restaurant has 1,200 restaurants in the UK and employs around 87,500 people who work together to deliver the high quality food and service that their customers know and trust. 
McBurney Transport Go Electronic.


McBurney Transport sign up with eDoc Deposit.

McBurney Transport one of Irelands largest independantly run logistics operations has recently begun using eDoc Deposit Limited to deliver payslip and other payroll related documentation to their 600 strong workforce who are employed in their many depots.

Payroll manager Yvonne Griffin is delighted with the service and states that she is saving at least 4.5 hours per week in handling and distributing the payslips and that's on top of savings in paper consumption and ink for inkjet printers. A significant percentage of payslips had previously been posted to employees homes so the savings in postage cost is perhaps the most significant saving.

Moneysoft Payslips : Moneysoft Payslips Delivered Electronically. 

Moneysoft Payslips : Moneysoft Payslips can now be uploaded to eDoc Deposit.

Your Moneysoft Payslip can now be delivered electronically to your employees using the recently released eDoc Uploader. eDoc Deposit Limited have developed an easy to use tool which enables you to upload your Moneysoft Payslips to your eDoc account thus enabling you to deliver your Moneysoft Payslips electronically to your employees.



K3 to partner eDoc Deposit.


K3 have signed an agreement to partner with eDoc Deposit.

K3 the UK's leading supplier of integrated business systems have signed an agreement to collaborate with eDoc Deposit on the delivery of their documents electronically. K3 business systems encompass Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Business Intelligence and e-commerce, hosting and managed services to the supply chain industry.


Miracle Dynamics Sign up. 

Miracle Dynamics have signed a collaboration agreement.

Miracle Dynamics, part of the Miracle Group of companies and a provider of business and application software for over twenty five years, have signed an agreement to collaborate with eDoc Deposit Limited.



New Website Launched


New Website Launched

eDoc Deposit have just launched our new look website so we can let everyone know how to use...